AST Primed for Obama’s “Race to the Top”
Education Initiative

New administrations bring with them new funding initiatives, and so it is with the Obama administration’s “Race to the Top” funding initiative. On the chopping block are the past administrations familiar “No Child Left Behind” (NCLB) program. The most recent move away from NCLB are the newly announced waivers that states can apply for to control spending and to direct educational spending away from NCLB requirements. States have expressed that the accountability requirements were unreasonable and requested waivers to implement programs that are more state directed as opposed to current federally mandated NCLB. Most seek to put the responsibility of student achievement back to the LEAs (district and school level) accountability.

The Race to the Top state funding initiative calls for a Comprehensive Approach to the Four Education Reform Areas;
 (Executive Summary on Race to the Top)

  1.  adopt rigorous standards that prepare students for success in college and the workforce 
  2.  recruit and retain effective teachers
  3.  build data systems to track student achievement and teacher effectiveness
  4.  turn around low-performing schools

It is turning around low-performing schools that AST finds itself strategically positioned.  Our advanced team approach is the core offering in the AST portfolio of highly effective K-12 school improvement solutions. Focused at the school/district level allows us to direct attention to all areas of need in a low-performing school. Our highly experienced AST coaches work to build leadership capacity and establish teaching structures that help ensure high performance on an ongoing basis. Our successful turnaround model provides a unique combination of proven research-based practices, leadership development, systematic use of data, job embedded professional development and strong support from an on-site team of experienced coaches and master teachers that can transform schools and make them true centers of academic excellence.

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