The Founders

Al Lockett

Al Lockett is the President and CEO of Learning4Today Corporation, and Co-founder of Academic School Turnaround (AST). He brings more than 25 years of experience as a business development analyst, instructional designer, trainer, online instructor and developer of Mastery Learning Instructional Systems (MLIS) in both corporate and academic environments.

Al Lockett is the developer of the One2One™ Mastery Tutoring methodology and continues to refine and develop technology integrated instructional programs that build basic skills and accelerate academic performance in low performing students. He is a published researcher with a special interest in Computer Adaptive Testing and Using Computers to Engage and Instruct At-Risk Students. His philosophy  “every child can learn if given the right tools, proper instruction and enough time”, drives his vision for eliminating the culture of low performance  so pervasive in our schools and closing the achievement gap by building successful motivated learners. His intensive after school method, One2One Mastery™ supported Eudora Elementary in Eudora, AR in its growth from a school with less than 5% of the students scoring proficient in reading and math to a remarkable combined 99% in reading and math on the state Benchmark exam in 5 years. Lakeside-Eudora won 5 of the state’s top Outstanding Education Performance awards from the Office of Educational Policy (OEP)  University of Arkansas, in 2010.

Today with his senior management team he guides Learning4Today’s vision and expansion in the areas of school turnaround (AST), After-School Tutoring and Enrichment Programs, Learning4Today Academic Centers, Vision Boys and Girls Academies and Charter School Development.  From the corporate office in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Al has expanded the company’s operations to Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, Texas, Louisiana, Illinois, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Washington DC and New York.    Mr. Lockett went to Hampton Institute and holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Rutgers University, a Master of Education in Instructional Technology from American Intercontinental University, and currently completing dissertation work for a doctorate in Educational Technology and Cognitive Development.  



Ron Moore


Ron Moore is Executive Vice President and COO of Learning4Today Corporation and Co-founder of Academic School Turnaround (AST). He is an experienced educator and consultant with years of service as teacher, associate/assistant principal and 12 years as a principal. He is the developer of the AST Leader-Actions, the successful turnaround model used in all interventions. 

Ron has a comprehensive background in instructional leadership, identifying problems, establishing priorities, developing strategies and evaluating progress in participatory leadership settings.

‘Best Practices’ in education are the standard for teaching and learning. The term ‘Best Practice’ has been defined as a method or technique that has consistently shown results superior to those achieved with other means. Ron’s use of ‘best practice’ principles is imperative in addressing the overall aim in education which is to develop learners as critical thinkers. Ron has experienced that the application of these principles enables this transformation to occur in any subject area.  

Ron has experienced a number of turnaround successes. While principal of Thompson Learning Center in Dallas, Texas, Ron’s leadership stopped the school from spiraling downward and led the school in an upward trajectory course. Ron insured that faculty and staff focused on improving the whole child – believing that all children could be successful at high levels. The implementation of on-going planned and targeted professional development sessions centered on specific students needs proved to be quite beneficial for student success, as well as for professional growth.

Ron works extensively with principals and teachers. He also works with district administrators and school boards. In addition, he conducts training sessions for Instructional Leadership Development and Effective ‘Teaching and Learning’ Strategies that work. Ron’s coaching efforts have produced dramatic improvements on state-wide high stakes assessments in Arkansas, Hawaii, Missouri, North Carolina and Texas.

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