Our Team

Executive Coaches

All  of our executive coaches are former outstanding principals with documented evidence of turning around schools under similar circumstances. Our executive coaches build internal leadership capacity by providing one-on-one mentoring and coaching to principals as well as to their leadership teams and teachers. They are the AST team leader and focal point in the turnaround process. While serving as the personal coach to the school principal, executive coaches offer a wealth of experience derived from their own personal turnaround successes as principals. Under close guidance, these experienced administrators, with their turnaround support teams, work with principals to confidently take the lead in creating and implementing their turnaround plan. Executive coaches train and assist each principal and his/her leadership team in the AST Leader-Actions™,strategies developed by AST: Vision, Informed Prescription, Targeted Assessment, Data Application, Positioning Resources and Teaching and Learning. These leader-action strategies are used to form the structure and implementation of the turnaround plan. 

Pedagogical Facilitators

These instructional coaches are all Master Teachers in their core subject areas of specialty, Literacy, Math and Science. Their efforts are directed by the executive coach and principal according to the turnaround plan. These experienced professionals are facilitative as they work side by side with the school’s classroom teachers demonstrating the practice of teacher effectiveness, instructional strategies and the use of data to inform instruction.

Our pedagogical facilitators are experts in bringing out the best in the available teaching staff. Another benefit of having these skilled coaches available is based on the research on the “Impact of Training Components on Leadership and Teacher Learning and Application”. The research on effective professional development has shown little impact of traditional training programs on creating change in the classroom (Collins. 1997; Joyce & Showers. 1995).  It recommends models that provide ongoing support and are job embedded, and it specifically recommends coaching.

Professional and Staff Development Facilitators

Professional teachers need professional development. To accomplish this, in addition to instructional coaches in the classroom, the team also consists of experienced professional/staff development facilitators. Our staff development professionals have extensive experience and expertise in the fields of education, staff and professional development. Under our turnaround program, principals, with the help of professional staff development facilitators, can direct the instructional needs of the teaching staff to ensure alignment with the school’s goals. They can  target specific training issues and focus professional development where it is needed the most. Staff development priorities are thereby aligned specifically with student performance objectives. Professional development keeps teachers and administrators abreast of current issues in education and helps them implement innovative strategies. The professional development workshop is where teachers gain understanding, see demonstrations of the teaching strategy, and have the opportunity to practice in a nonthreatening environment.

Data/Technology Facilitators

Data is a critical component in turning around a school or district. While many schools have plenty of data to reference, actual use of that data in providing targeted instruction often does not happen. If needed, we provide support through our Data and Technology specialists in the disaggregation and use of data. They provide support in the use of technology resources for diagnostic assessments, computer-based instruction, data analysis and use of data for developing instruction aligned with student learning expectations.

After School Tutorial Facilitators

After school tutoring can be an important resource for a school that is emerging from years of consistent low performance. Whether a school employs an after school program or in school tutorial program, we provide experienced tutorial facilitators who are skilled in the effective use of data to guide instruction.  They collaborate with the other turnaround support team members to align tutoring with school day instruction and turnaround goals through the use of small group and data focused differentiated instructional strategies.

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