Our Program

With our team approach, we holistically target each functioning component during the course of our turnaround intervention; the school leadership, i.e., principal, department heads and administrative staff, the teaching staff and students. The program is designed specifically to assist districts and schools where a sustainable, comprehensive, whole school approach to school improvement and academic turnaround is needed.

Student, Family and Community Support

As a company we recognize and understand the importance of involving families and the community in the process of turning around a school/district as part of a comprehensive turnaround plan, without which, the task is made much more difficult. The idea is that having a district with high performing schools helps everyone. AST Executive Coaches have experience working with PTA/PTO, or parent coordinators to implement effective parent involvement strategies. While it is helpful to inform parents and community about district activities through use of district publications and personal communication, it is important for parents to get involved directly.


The strategic plan to monitor and evaluate of comprehensive improvement strategies starts in the very beginning at the turnaround orientation conference.  We call this our CAPS conference, or Community of Active Practices. This meeting takes place during the summer where principals participating in our program, get to meet their executive coaches with whom they will be working with in the upcoming school year as well as other principals in the program. It is here, with the assistance of that executive coach, that the principal begins to develop their turnaround plan and the parameters for successful implementation of that plan inclusive of the following Leader Action strategies; Vision, Informed Prescription, Target Assessment, Data Application, Positioning Resources and Teaching and Learning.  The executive coach and principal will communicate on all aspects related to outlining the activities and timelines for implementation, monitoring and evaluating progress or the need for revision of the plan if necessary.  That conference is followed by a Mid-Year “Next Steps” Conference in January where there is a progress review of the turnaround plan where adjustments in the plan can be made and also preparation for the upcoming state testing.  Also at the conclusion of the program, principals are also required to participate in “Learning from Leaders” Conference in June, to review and evaluate turnaround progress. The conferences also serve as a “community of active practice” where principals can meet and share experiences with other participating principals facing similar challenges. 

In addition to the Conferences and Leader Action strategies, we utilize a series of effective strategies to monitor and evaluate ongoing progress  inclusive of the following items:

  • Scope and sequence rubric, i.e., actions before school starts, actions after interim assessments, actions before final assessments and actions reflecting/end of year.
  • After each visit by an executive coach, a report is completed that monitors progress on the turnaround plan based on pre-set agenda items associated with leader actions. That report is immediately made available to the principal and a summary report to Superintendent.
  • Observational monitoring of classroom walkthroughs.

Executive coaches assist building principals in communicating their turnaround message.  Although messages can be verbal and non-verbal, coaches make sure that their thoughts or ideas are expressed in a way that all stake holders understand it. This ensures that the message is all-encompassing – including all entities of the school from cafeteria workers to bus drivers, parents as well as the community.  This assistance makes certain that the message is optimistic with high expectations and uses energetic motivational words and is highly visible. Some of the strategies

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