Instructional Successes

No turnaround situation is ever the same. There are numerous circumstances and causes for a school to exhibit chronic low student academic performance. The following is but one example of an AST turnaround success.

Dollarway Middle School, now Morehead Middle School, had the distinction of being number 147 out of 151 middle schools in Arkansas and designated as one of the 10 worst middle schools in the state. Morehead contracted with Academic School Turnaround (AST) in an effort to raise student scores to meet AYP targets. We provided an extensive program of leadership development in addition to teacher effectiveness training and data aligned mastery-based instructional strategies. We also instituted a structured after-school program with academic enrichment as the primary focus. This program supported overall improvement efforts aligned with meeting district AYP targets.


 With the assistance of AST, Morehead was able to meet standards in math the first year and in both literacy and math in year two. The first year (2009) there was a 27% increase in reading scores and a 49% increase in math scores. For year two (2010) reading scores continued to increase by another 54% and math scores increased by another 18%. At the end of three years: Math scores for 6th grade increased 76%, 7th grade math scores increased 148% and 8th grade increased 61%. Reading scores for 6th grade increased 100%, 7th grade reading scores increased 105% and 8th grade reading scores  increased 91%.


Data source National Office for Research on Measurement and Evaluation Systems (NORMES)

Results available for all AST programs.

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