About AST

Academic School Turnaround  (AST) was formed in response to a critical need for a comprehensive and sustainable approach to whole school improvement challenges. Our successful approach is designed to build and support those elements that effectively improve student academic achievement; leadership and instruction.Those are the two primary factors that can effectively turn around a failing school. Research concludes that leadership is a crucial determinant of school success and a critical component of a successful turn-around; second only to instruction among school-based factors in its impact on learning.

AST is a school improvement company that utilizes research based, corrective action strategies and sustainable systems of practice to effectively turn around low performing schools. We provide an extensive program of leadership development; teacher effectiveness training and data aligned mastery-based instructional strategies. 

Our Mission

Academic School Turnaround is committed to serving schools with integrity and substance to increase student academic performance by providing leadership and instructional support that eventuates into a culture of edification, confidence and success in the school and the greater community.

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